Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Miami Pay For Substance Abuse Detox?

You admit that you have a substance abuse issue, and you are ready to get help. Thankfully, the first step of the journey is over. Now, you must choose a detox center in Miami and arrange payment. One of the most significant questions on your mind is how can you afford the treatment. Specifically, does your Blue Cross and Blue Shield policy cover your stay? You will feel relieved to know that your plan will most likely include your treatment.

Why Most Insurance Companies Pay For Treatment?

Dealing with an insurance company can be an overwhelming feat. When you have a serious medical condition that affects you, your family, and friends, you need help in paying for the treatment. Since drug and alcoholism are classified as a mental health issue, most insurance companies will cover your stay.

While this may be classified as a mental health condition, it also affects your physical well being. Your drug addiction will affect every facet of your life. When things are bad, you may question whether your life is worth living. These are all reasonable feelings that someone who is going through addiction faces.

Cookie-cutter treatment plans are not viable. Everyone deals with an addiction in their way. Think of it as a physical ailment. No one medication will treat all the people all the time. Instead, it is about finding a treatment plan that works for you. Customizing your detox process is efficient. Recovery is dealt with on an individual basis.

Many family members fail to recognize the signs of addiction, which leaves an addict to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, this leads to severe mental and physical complications down the road. If an insurance company refuses to cover treatment plans, it could come back and cost them even more in the end. A person that allows the addiction to progress may develop serious medical issues because of substance abuse. Because of the risks at hand, more health insurance companies are offering coverage for drug detox around the country.

Digging Into the Details of Your Plan

Most policies, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, has a provision to cover the drug detox in Miami. However, never assume that you have full coverage unless it is specifically written in your declarations. It is not always as easy as a simple “yes” or “no” when searching for your insurance coverage. You must dig into the details of the plan to find out the amount of coverage. Some stipulations commonly included are:

•Must use a “network” facility or physician
•Detox is not covered
•Length of treatment may result in changing coverage
•Type of treatment may result in changing coverage
•Denial of subsequent visits
•Type of addiction may result in changing coverage

All insurance policies have fine print. You should read through all of this to ensure you maximize your coverage. You do not want any surprises before, during, or after treatment. Make sure you check the details. There are no stupid questions. Be sure you ask anything you can until it is clear to you. Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a 24-hour customer service line to help you with things of this nature. When you need clarifications on your policy, do not hesitate to call.

Does Blue Cross and Blue Shield Consider Relapsing a Preexisting Condition?

Most policies have some verbiage about pre-existing conditions. While the law prohibits them from denying you for coverage from pre-existing circumstances in most cases, if you have been to rehab before and failed, they can deny you. Repeat visits are a pre-existing clause that they can legally refuse. Many people go through the drug detox program and relapse; it is part of the nature of battling the illness. However, your policy may not cover you.

Does Your Policy Specify Inpatient or Outpatient?

Most Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies have specifications for rehab that they label as inpatient or outpatient. Rest assured, they will typically cover variations of both. The cost of inpatient care is way more expensive than outpatient as you are given 24/7 service. The costs of the physicals, psychiatrists and counselors are significantly higher in a hospital type setting. Depending on the diagnosis and level of treatment needed, your insurance coverage may specify what they will pay. Make sure you know the limits of both inpatient and outpatient care before you enter any detox program.

Will They Cover Whole-Body Holistic Healing?

Many holistic centers are popping up in Miami that takes a very different approach to healing. They base their treatments around the serenity of nature, art, music and equine therapy, and other “out of the box” methods. Individual treatment sessions help patients to work through all those lingering emotional issues that are at the crux of their addiction. Some of these centers may not be covered by your insurance company. However, their rate of success cannot be denied. Some things are worth the extra cost.

Moving Forward in Your Recovery

Once you get through the legalities of paying for your Miami substance abuse program, you can begin your treatment. After treatment is completed, you will need aftercare. Follow-up care is essential to get you acclimated back into society. Reintroducing yourself is a critical element as you may not know how to handle sobriety and being at your job and with family and friends. During this time, you will need on-going outpatient care. You need to make sure that your insurance policy covers this and know the number of sessions.

Dealing with the insurance company is often a long and tedious process. Thankfully, we can help you. We can find out exactly what your policy will cover and their limitations. Call us today at (866) 840-6411 to get help. We will complete your enrollment and submit a request for payment to Blue Cross and Blue Shield on your behalf. We will help you establish payment so that you can get the treatment you so desperately need.