What To Expect When Withdrawing From Alcohol

What To Expect When Withdrawing From Alcohol

As most of us know, alcohol is a fermented beverage that has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. It can be found at basically any corner store within a few miles of where you’re sitting right this very moment. Of course most countries have specific laws mandating the substance so that not just anybody can go purchase it, but of course laws never stop a true alcoholic. Supposedly anything is legal if you don’t get caught.  

That being said, nothing will prevent us from wrapping our lips around a bottle if that’s whats longed for. This liquid courage we crave can be an antidepressant, a painkiller, and a social amenity. With the right intent it can serve any purpose. However, as with anything we introduce to our body internally or externally, we quickly adapt to it. The body and mind start expecting it. Soon our alcoholic wonderland is nothing of a luxury but a necessity.    

When it comes to drinking and having a little fun, nobody warned us of the times like this. Alcoholism becomes this blindfolded game of pin the tail on the donkey. You don’t have any sense of direction, you can’t see a thing, and it seems that everybody is shouting at you what to do next. Even worse is that in this analogy, we are the tail waiting for our destiny to be pinned to the wall by alcoholic thinking- and in the end we’re still the ass of the situation. Reality then quickly sets in as we begin withdrawing from alcohol. Since desperation settles for nothing less, that reality then quickly morphs into a lonely one of jails, institutions, and death. Knowing what to expect when withdrawing from alcohol is the only way to make it out alive.



Unfortunately, we live in a world plagued by the disease of addiction and all anybody talks about is what we should be doing to stop it, but it’s mostly talk for now. Those who have money or those that are running the globe should be helping with alcoholic prevention more but are completely absent from the scene. There’s either money to be made off of the misfortune of others, or maybe just a simple lack of caring- either way it seems nothing is being done quick enough. In the case of withdrawing from alcohol, soon enough is never soon enough. Too many in today’s world booze and consume narcotics without any realization what they are doing to themselves. No clue at all how alcohol withdrawals can actually kill you. Most in today’s world tend to drink alcohol like they are immortal.

You see, the body is an extremely adaptive vessel that will adjust to stress as it sees fit. This idea goes along with healthy concepts such as building muscle over time from weight lifting, having your skin thicken from living in a cold terrain, or having your innards just adjust to a particular food you’re eating(gluten-cough cough). Unfortunately it also goes with alcohol withdrawals and the expectations the body will create of the chemicals introduced regularly. Like it or not, it’s the mind and body attempting to survive. Sadly too many of us will drink ourselves into oblivion, creating this problem without the slightest inkling of what to expect when withdrawing from alcohol.  


Losing While Boozing

Most of us make up reasons to have a drink- and then there’s alcoholics. We alcoholics allow the bottle to be a means to an end but fail to realize why nothing is ending but our lives. Drinking becomes our holy answer to everything as the obsession continues to perpetuate. We’ll find any reason to imbibe:  

  • Celebration
  • Grieving
  • Creating Comfort
  • Creating Discomfort
  • Dealing With
  • Not Dealing With
  • Taking a Trip
  • Not Taking a Trip

This list can apparently increase at infinitum if the waters are tested….and by water we mean the liquid sloshing around at the bottom of the empty bottle. Any justification available will be used as our living, breathing excuse to feed this disease. Typically we don’t realize the severity of this hole we are digging, but that doesn’t stop the alcohol withdrawals from making themselves known. To stuff those down further- we drink more still not knowing what to expect when withdrawing from alcohol. It’s this vicious repetitious cycle that we take forever to understand.


Poison Control

Since alcohol withdrawals are not always a death sentence but contrarily can kill you, it is best to go about detoxification from it in a healthy habitat. Everyone’s body handles alcohol withdrawals a little differently, but most experience similar side effects on their journey. Some of these death defying symptoms felt will include:

  • Insomnia
  • Hot/Cold Flashes
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Shakes/Delirium Tremens
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Loss of Voluntary Functions
  • Migraines/Body Aches

Sounds like a glorious time right? There’s no sugarcoating the fact that once alcohol withdrawals begin the body will feel like its dying and you will be questioning every decision you’ve possibly ever made leading up to that moment. Time will seem to come to a standstill as you feel this general sense of unease and discomfort take over. However, rest completely assured that it’s not the end. Once again, doing this in a safe setting while under medical examination for your alcohol withdrawals can be the difference between life and death. It will also be the difference between expecting the worst or the best leading up to the situation.  

Having somebody there for you will ensure that you’re taking in the nutrients you’re losing thru the different bodily fluids pouring out of you. Medical professionals will be able to monitor blood pressure, fevers, and other potentially threatening things that will occur while going through alcohol withdrawal. If you’re picking recovery then you’re picking life over death. There’s a reason it’s “safety first” and not third. Plain and simple: take care of yourself or there will be nothing left to take care of.