What is Medication Assisted Treatment?

It’s safe to state that alcoholic thinking, in its many forms of dependency, is more prevalent in 2019 than ever. Far too many chemically dependent folk burdened with such have fallen, possibly finding themselves in need of some immediate changes. Recovery is often that change. However, to get to the other side, there’s much about the disease that must be understood.

First of all, we’re talking about an irrational disease that appears in the form of cognitive thought processes. It is a lifelong, disorderly mindset of stealth that operates in a manner eventually destroying its host from the inside out. A burdensome treachery that can never be conquered but only overcame. You see alcoholism never dissipates; it can only be silenced. So in an attempt to mute the chaos of such, many will find themselves gazing into an opportunity for addiction treatment services, questioning what might be best for them.

With a 12 step foundation, recovery from the disease is always possible. However, studies have shown that a combination of medication and behavioral therapies are most successful for producing a thorough recovery. Medication assisted treatment creates the best results for clients looking into detoxification or a level of primary care.

Every addict/alcoholic is the same to an extent- yes, but it’s their story and process that make them unique. Treatment approaches must be individualized taking into account each patient’s substance abuse patterns and the relation to medical, psychiatric, and social factors. It’s important to treat the whole patient and not just the little pieces here or there. This is why places like Just Believe Recovery Center really make a difference with their medication assisted treatment stratagem.  

Treatment Assisted Medication

Attending medication assisted treatment can provide any addict/alcoholic with the opportunity to dig down right to the root of their usage. Sure this can be done in other treatment approaches, but studies show that they are not nearly as effective. Medication assisted treatment focuses on mental rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention while keeping the spotlight on an in-balance equilibrium.  

The realities of substance abuse are threatening and there’s no a doubt about it. Yet, most addicts in this day of age face the realities of dual diagnosis. This can vary from mild seemingly non-existent disorders to difficult life changing illnesses. Medication assisted therapy recognizes that not every shoe fits the same way and that these two areas of recovery must be split for better focus.

When looking at recovery from a scientific approach, it’s important to divide the long and short term effects as well. Certain drugs may leave neurological impacts that others won’t. The breakdown of some chemicals into the brain’s composition leave a different scar than others. Different highs, different effects. Medication assisted treatment stresses that all of it is part of the final equation for a good program of recovery.  

Assistance is Assistance    

Although everyone has an entirely individualized therapeutic blueprint created for them at Just Believe Recovery Center, most still follow similar pathways starting typically with the thrilling nature of detoxification. If we’re starting over, we might as well start fresh. Dropping the substances to the side and sweating out the toxins will be the beginnings of any great recovery. It is usually here that the length of stay is established based off the detox analyzation. It is from here on out that licensed physicians can determine what degree of treatment will be necessary for a healthy continuation of early sobriety outside of treatment.

Proper medication assisted treatment should always include therapeutic staff and a personalized approach on medicine that opens up possibilities for patient recovery to truly become limitless. This is offered at Just Believe Recovery Center. A few of the building blocks offered through medication assisted treatment includes:

  • Relapse Prevention Training
  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • General Life Skills Building
  • Recovery Reintegration

These forms of therapy coupled along with a properly medicated diagnosis are the most substantial way to increase retention in clients. It’s difficult to learn when your head hasn’t been in the right place.   

Getting the Help You Deserve

One of the largest problems that often follows with the idea of medication assisted treatment is the negative connotations surrounding it. Some believe that sobriety is abstinence from everything, when it really isn’t. Sobriety and recovery alike teach us that everything we do is about intention. Taking a prescribed medication that can better your life because of imbalance is of holy means. Playing as your own doctor and taking illicit substances or medications that you think may help you, that’s where the misunderstood fine line is crossed.

We all need help in this life. Some like to believe that they can do everything on their own, but there are so many aspects of life that we truly have no power over. Equilibrium is one of them. Nobody asks to be an alcoholic just like nobody asks for specific personality disorders or other DSM related chronicles. It just happens, so it’s about dealing with life on life’s terms. Learning how to take advantage of the gap between therapy and medication with medication assisted treatment is where recovery truly thrives.