A Typical Stay At a Detox Facility for Drug Addiction

Life with an addiction is full of challenges. Today, many people struggle with addictions to prescription medications, street drugs and alcohol that interfere with their quality of life. While it is tempting to try to end an addiction on your own, the truth is that there is often a physical dependency that makes it hard to just quit.

Trying to stop using drugs or alcohol at home can sometimes lead to serious side effects that hinder the recovery process. In some instances, withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and vomiting require medical attention. At a detox facility, you never have to worry about withdrawal symptoms interfering with your recovery because a professional staff is on hand to help you through the process.

Detox is the first part of the process of recovery, and everyone’s situation varies according to the types of substances they use as well as their physical health. Make sure that the drug detox facility that you choose offers around-the-clock care to get you through the first several days of recovery. During this time, you may be given medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms, or you may find that simply taking care of your body through receiving proper nutrition and exercise helps you feel better. Either way, a support network helps ensure that you do not try to return to your former lifestyle during the days when you are the most vulnerable to relapse.


Find the Therapeutic Program That Works for You

Addiction treatment programs vary significantly in their approaches, and you must find the ideal program that fits your needs. Ideally, your drug detox facility should offer an array of treatment strategies that you can use to create a personalized plan that gives you the best chances for recovery. The following list includes several evidence-based approaches that help you overcome your addiction.

  • Amino acid therapy
  • Yoga 12-step
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

It is important to keep in mind that you may not need to use all of these services since you will quickly find the ones that work. However, having multiple options available gives you the best chances of finding a strategy that leads to long-term recovery.


Explore What an Average Day is Like at a Detox Facility

Typical Day in RehabThe typical day at a detox facility is packed full of opportunities for self-improvement. A residential program begins with an assessment by your recovery team to determine the extent of your addiction so that the appropriate treatment plan is developed. Make sure to be honest during these first steps of your stay so that you get the most out of the program. Since the treatment and detox process for a substance such as heroin is different from what you would expect for alcohol cessation, being open about your history of substance abuse is critical for planning your recovery.

Each day is also filled with a combination of individual and group therapy sessions where you will learn strategies to help you overcome things such as triggers and cravings. In some instances, you will also use these sessions to work through underlying mental health issues such as anxiety or depression that affect your recovery. You will also have a choice of involving your friends and family members in the counseling sessions. This is ideal if you need to repair relationships that suffered from the effects of your addiction, or you can use these therapy sessions to help your family understand more about your addiction. Either way, this is one part of building your support system that helps you prevent relapse.

Although there is a lot of work to be done in drug detox, you can also look forward to participating in activities that help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle after you go home. For instance, music and art programs give you an outlet for your emotional expression. Learning to play an instrument or find a song that you enjoy is an instant way to relax your mind and cope with cravings. Alternatively, you may get excited about learning more about nutrition so that you can prepare meals that fuel your body for better health. Swimming is another fun and healthy activity that you can enjoy during the average day in a recovery program.


Make Arrangements for Your Stay

Miami Rehab ProgramsThe only way to benefit from a drug detox facility is to enter the program. Fortunately, you have multiple options for planning your stay that makes it easier to fit recovery into your lifestyle. For many people, a residential program is ideal because it allows for 24-hour support from the first hour of detox through to the moment that you feel strong enough to go home.

Alternatively, you could choose a partial hospitalization program. During this type of stay, you will spend the day hours at your facility and return home at night. This works best for people who cannot commit to an overnight stay such as parents with young children or someone who attends school.

While it may be hard to figure out which program works best for you, the staff at the drug detox facility will help you identify what fits into your lifestyle. With both types of programs, you benefit from working with counselors and learning from the other residents in the program.

Overcoming addiction requires a strong network of support, and it is important to begin putting together a team of people who value your desire to end the abuse of drugs and alcohol. If you are nervous about attending drug detox, simply reach out and ask for a tour of the program. Viewing pictures online and speaking with a member of the staff gives you that extra reassurance that you have made the right decision. After all, a typical stay at a detox facility is designed to be comfortable so that you can focus solely on learning how to make your life better.

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