Top 5 Reasons To Get Sober Using The Abstinence Method Over The Medication Assisted Method

Abstinence Method Vs. Medication Assisted Method

If you’re on this page, chances are that you or someone you love has decided to get sober. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this important milestone. There are millions of addicts and alcoholics in the world who are unable to reach this important conclusion: I NEED TO GET SOBER. The first step to recovery is this critical and important moment you or your loved one has now reached, the vital admission that a problem exists and you need to strive for sobriety. You’re already at the first step: Sobriety is the goal.

Now comes the second crucial step. Once you or your loved one has made the admission that they have a problem and that they need to get sober, there’s the all important question of how to accomplish this goal. There are two popular models of recovery that are used in today’s world. One is the abstinence method, where the addict or alcoholic recover simply by abstaining from drugs or alcohol. The second, more controversial method, is the Medication Assisted Method, where a drug like Suboxone or Methadone is used to eventually reach a point of abstinence.

With the Abstinence method, addicts and alcoholics abstain from drugs and alcohol and development a “toolbox” for recovery using one of the widely accepted recovery methods out there. It’s a hopeful blend of group therapy, individual therapy, dual-diagnosis, music therapy, and peer support that forms the backbone of the recovery community. It’s removing the alcohol and drugs and replacing them with a healthy coping style in everyday life, along with a great group of peers who are striving to live the same kind of healthy life. Everyone is at different stages of recovery, but that’s the magic of peer support. There’s someone out there for everyone to relate to and an enormous amount of good that addicts and alcoholics can do for other addicts and alcoholics. It’s like replacing a nightmare with a pleasant dream and a wonderful cast of supportive characters.

There are many people who support Medication Assisted sobriety, but many more people believe that the Abstinence Method is going to be far and away the better choice. We hope that you’ll agree that there are important reasons that the Abstinence Method is preferable to the majority of the recovery community. Over 90% of treatment centers opt for the Abstinence method. There are in fact dozens of reasons that make this the popular opinion, but we’re going to reduce that to five main reasons that the Abstinence Method is preferred over the Medication Assisted method when it comes to recovery of alcoholics and addicts. Everyone can of course form their own opinion as they go along, and there may be some people that the abstinence method might not work for, but for the majority, it’s the holy grail of recovery.


Five Reasons the Abstinence Method Is Preferred

First things first: Cessation from drugs and alcohol gives the brain time to recover its normal state, and it will recover this normal state much more quickly once drugs and alcohol are removed from the picture. Abstinence begins the healing process immediately, although it is more abrupt and might result in greater withdrawal symptoms. The majority of detox centers support the Abstinence method.

Secondly, the Abstinence Method is preferred in cases where criminal matters might adversely affect the addict or alcoholic’s life if they use. If a court of law won’t allow you to use, the Abstinence Method is going to be the preferred way to get well. There are also a host of other benefits to this, other than just where criminal matters are concerned.

Take for example the fact that Abstinence immediately puts you in touch with a group of peers who are also abstaining from drugs and alcohol. While you can definitely attend group meetings while using the Medication Assisted method, many people in recovery feel a greater sense of accomplishment by following through on the Abstinence method. It gives them a sobriety date and a sense of pride to discuss how they did it in group meetings.

The Medication Assisted method also comes with some dangers, including side effects from the medication itself. Those recovering with Methadone will most likely have the side effects that come with using that drug, while people recovering with the Abstinence method won’t have this problem. You’re completely free and clear of any drug side effects with the Abstinence method.

Finally, the abstinence method greatly improves the chances of being able to go forward with individual therapy. Once your mind is free of drugs and alcohol in any form, you’re able to get a better therapy experience from there on out. While it’s tough in the beginning with the Abstinence Method, you’re definitely going to begin seeing results in mere weeks, as the fog of addiction clears and you’re able to develop a sense of pride from being abstinent from drugs and alcohol.


To review:

  • Abstinence method begins recovery almost immediately as the brain heals itself
  • Abstinence method carries no criminal liabilities
  • Abstinence method gives you better communication with peer support
  • Abstinence method has no side effects
  • Abstinence method makes therapy more productive


Help Is Just Around The Corner

We prefer the Abstinence Method for recovery, but we also listen to everyone’s opinions about this matter. The most important thing is that you or someone you love has decided to get sober, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We encourage you to call us today and get started on your amazing journey toward health and recovery. Everyone recovers at different rates and in different ways, but we’re here to provide our support and knowledge to you here in the beginning of your journey. You can reach out to us today or at any time you are ready by calling us at (800) 723-7376. We look forward to being a part of your journey.