The Common Signs of Opiate Abuse

It’s October, the Great Pumpkin Month. Halloween is right around the corner and most of us couldn’t be more jazzed. Who doesn’t get excited to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch scary/horror movies this time of year? That’s one of the best parts. Not only that, but they keep getting more and more realistically terrifying these days. The CGI seems to make all the creepy ghouls, demons, and creatures we see coming to life on the big screen that much more frightening.


Yet, reigning at the top of the most terrifying monstrosities is the zombie. Despite the common misconception that they are figments of our imagination only found in horror movies, they do indeed walk the same earth we do. Yes they walk among us every day, but they’re not the same as the flesh eating half dead that we see depicted in Hollywood. Well maybe they’re still half dead, but not in the same sense. We’re speaking of course about the misguided opiate addict and the common signs of the miserable addiction they are handcuffed to.


Opiate addiction (generally speaking;this includes opioids and anything in between) will sneak up on the most unsuspecting of patrons. It is a vulgar type of alcoholic thinking, but then again so are all versions of the dreaded disease. It shows itself in forms ranging from strait up alcoholism, gambling, or even to overeating and being a food addict. Not everybody is destined to battle this disease, but if you are there’s no hiding from it. Opiate addiction will steal your soul and leave you feeling worthless and empty as it tries to cover its tracks. Being the sneaky drug that it is, there are specific red flags that pop up and must be noted to truly know if the loved one in question is under the vice grips of an overwhelming opiate addiction.  


The Systematic Opiate Addict

When looking for common signs of an opiate addict, there are too many to list. Too many things happen that can’t be blamed on anything else but the false reality the person is living in. To start if all off, one of the most common sites is seeing your addict in question always sleeping or nodding off. Now just to specify, this does not mean they’re always in bed taking a nap. No no no. Opiates totally numb and ease the body into such a state of relaxation that the person using them will often be falling asleep even in the most social of settings. Fully dressed and sitting upright in a chair, but here they are drooling on themselves as their head nods closer and closer to their lap. Not a good look, but we addicts are often oblivious to life and our surroundings when in the thick of it.


As you watch your loved one zombified in their pipe dream, the only movement you may catch is them giving their arm a good scratch. Scratching is another very common sign in opiate addicts. For some reason, (I’m not a doctor and don’t have the answer at hand), but ingesting a plethora of opiates always makes the person itchy. It’s inevitable usually, just like all the other common signs. A few other things to keep an eye out for in opiate addicts might involve:

  • Pinned/Dilated Pupils
  • Fatigue/Malnourishment
  • Temperamental Behavior
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Constant Social/Interpersonal Issues


The Problematic Opiate Addict

Really, all the signs are inevitable as the addiction continues to grow. As tolerance rises, what started out as a cheap habit starts to become a choice between food or a fix. Always being broke or asking for money are definite things to be on the lookout for. Opiate addicts will usually have some excuse as to why they never have money and need to “borrow” some from you. They will march right up to you with their pinned eyes and have absolutely no problem lying to your face for whatever story they have conjured up at the time.


With pride dwindling and shame continuing to grow, things that once seemed significant to the opiate addict will continue to decline in importance. Motivation will walk right out the door with the rest of the respected qualities in a person. Maybe they use an excuse to do so. They lost their job or just got dumped in a relationship. Maybe somebody close to them passed away and they just want numb to it. Yet, there’s always a reason. All enthusiasm for any and everything will fade away as the person you once knew seems to vanish. Poof!

Seeing the Signs, But Not a Stop Sign

Eventually everything comes to a stopping point. Whether this is intervention occurring or worse, eventually all things must come to an end. That’s why they say “jails, institutions, and death” lie ahead for the opiate addict; lest recovery is chosen. It’s a vicious revolving door that is almost impossible to get out of without some form of intervention; be it divine or loved ones.


Chemical dependency is tough battle to fight that requires patience and love from those that surround the opiate addict. Remember to take a deep breath in the dealings of your loved one for they are lost and need guidance. Opiate addiction is a method of torture I wouldn’t wish even on my worst enemies. You may begin to spot some of the common signs and decide to intervene on your opiate addict. Do so with utmost diligence. Remember that addiction disguises itself, they do not see the same common signs we see. It takes longer for some than other to accept the reality they have created. The horse can always be lead to water, but it’s up to them to decide they need it to live or not.  If you or a loved one is in need of help, please give us a call at 877-813-9235. Recovery is just a phone call away.