How Soon After a Cocaine Overdose Can I Go To a Detox Center in FL?

An overdose is one of a person’s worst fears when they deal with addiction. Unfortunately, any type of drug abuse comes with risks, and the possibility of an overdose increases when you use street drugs in increasing amounts. While a cocaine overdose is scary, this is often one of the first wake up calls that a person has when they deal with addiction. In fact, you may not have even realized how serious your drug problem was until it landed you in the hospital.

The good news is that you have survived a life-threatening overdose, and you now have a chance to do things differently. In fact, you may have been connected with more resources of support than you ever expected now that other people know that you are struggling with addiction. While it does take time to recover physically and emotionally from an overdose, seeking help for your cocaine addiction is the best way to look forward to a full recovery.

Naturally, you may be eager to get started on the road to recovery. Alternatively, you could be nervous about embarking upon a journey when you are not fully sure of the outcome. Either way, you can go to a detox center in Miami as soon as you are physically well enough to leave the original hospital where you were taken after the overdose. In fact, you will likely find that your medical team recommends seeking drug addiction treatment as soon as possible so that you do not harm your ability to heal properly after the overdose by returning to your former behavior patterns.


Understand How Detox Works

A detox program is often recommended to help you address the initial withdrawal symptoms that occur with long term or heavy use of drugs such as cocaine. While the majority of people only need to stay in detox for between five to 10 days, your specific treatment plan will vary according to the following factors.

  • The types of drugs you use
  • Your physical health
  • The length of time that you’ve been using drugs or alcohol
  • The amounts of drugs you take at one time

The withdrawal process from hard drugs and alcohol is unpredictable. While some people sail through the first days of sobriety with hardly a problem, others deal with serious side effects of quitting such as seizures or vomiting that place their health at risk. Experiencing an overdose is a sign that you might struggle through the withdrawal process since you have taken more of the drug than your body could physically handle at once.


Recognize the Benefits of Going to a Detox Center After an Overdose

Medically-assisted detox uses a variety of strategies to help you get through the first few days of ending your addiction. As part of the intake process, you will undergo a physical exam and mental health screening to give the staff a better view of what to expect during the detox process. During this time, you may choose to share information about your overdose that could be used to help plan your detox program. However, this is not required if you have concerns about confidentiality.

Once the counselors and medical team understand the nature of your addiction, you will then begin the process of withdrawing from the drugs or alcohol that you use every day. Although this part of recovery is sometimes described as the hardest, being surrounded by support helps you feel better every step of the way.

In detox, you can rest assured that your health is being monitored by professional members of the staff. This reassurance helps you to stay strong as you deal with the early withdrawal symptoms. In fact, you will find that the encouragement provided to you in detox helps you overcome any fears or cravings that occur during the first few days of sobriety.

Detox centers are also equipped with strategies and supplies that can help ease your withdrawal symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, then you might be given medication to help ease the discomfort. For instance, medication that alleviates nausea can help you to eat normally so that you benefit from proper nutrition. During the detox process, you may also be encouraged to exercise or engage in healthy hobbies that serve as a distraction from your symptoms. Choosing to detox in a treatment center is usually the option of choice compared to doing it on your own at home because having support gives you a better chance of success.


Look Forward to a Brighter Future

Your visit to a detox center is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life. As you emerge from the withdrawal stages, you will then be ready to be admitted to a treatment program that helps you work through the next stage of sobriety. Typically, this move is only done once you have been fully assessed to make sure that you are ready to be successful in a treatment program.

Residential treatment programs are the ideal next step after you finish going through detox. In your residential treatment program, you will be provided with an individualized plan that helps you address the issues that led up to your cocaine overdose. For instance, you may struggle with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety that can be treated the proper way so that you do not turn to drugs to feel better.

Your treatment program will also provide you with opportunities for counseling that helps you improve your mental health and personal relationships. As you reach the end of your treatment program, you can also look forward to receiving services that help you avoid relapse. For instance, you can benefit from having help finding employment opportunities that help you get back on your feet after recovery. While addiction recovery is a lifelong process, seeking help as soon as possible after your overdose puts you in the right path for healing.

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