Is A Residential Treatment Program The Right Place for Me?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious illness that requires serious treatment in order to recover. The consequences of the disease are severe and affect all aspects of your life. In order to begin the recovery process, there are different treatment options to consider. The most intensive treatment option is residential treatment. This is a program where you live with others who are struggling with addiction with access to different therapies and counseling.

When you become dependent on drugs or alcohol, there are changes that occur in the brain. These changes take time to reverse and need different treatments in order to be successful. Chronic and excessive use of drugs and alcohol cause the body to become physically dependent on them over time. When the use of these substances is stopped, the body will experience withdrawal symptoms.


Safe Detox Options

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can range from symptoms of discomfort to severe symptoms like seizures and death. In order to detox safely from drugs and alcohol, you need to be monitored and supervised. Residential treatment programs have staff specialized in addiction treatments that will support you during detox. They can provide medications to ease withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and other physical symptoms. Medical staff can provide supportive care for you during detox so that you are able to make it through the process and begin your path to recovery.

Detox can be difficult, but the staff at a residential treatment program will try to make the process as comfortable as possible. Detox is only the first step in treating your addiction. Because you have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol for an extended period of time, you may have issues and consequences stemming from your use. These can include legal problems, relationship issues, and loss of employment. One of the main triggers for the continued alcohol or drug use is stress. In the early stage of recovery, it is important to remove yourself from the stress of everyday life for a period of time so that you can fully focus on recovery. A residential treatment program can teach you new coping strategies to deal with the everyday stresses of life.


Why Choose a Residential Treatment Program?

When drugs or alcohol are used for a significant amount of time, you can forget how to function normally without them. A residential treatment program will work with you to set new goals for yourself when you leave, teach you how to avoid relapsing, and allow you to work through the causes of your addiction.


Ongoing Therapy

Often times, people begin abusing drugs or alcohol because they have an underlying mental health issue. Many people use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms of depression, anxiety, or more complicated mental health disorders. The staff at a residential treatment program can begin to treat any mental health issue while you are working on your recovery. If the cause of your addiction is a mental health issue, you can not expect to recover successfully unless these issues are also addressed.


Community Support During Treatment

An important part of a residential treatment program is living and learning from others with similar experiences. Having the support of the people around you who understand exactly what you are going through is incredibly helpful during recovery. Listening to their experiences with addiction, how they are working through their recovery, and what strategies are working or not working for them is often helpful while you are figuring these things out yourself. Living with others with substance use disorders helps to counteract any feeling of being alone you may have. It is heartening to know you are not alone in your addiction and that others feel similar to you.

Drugs and alcohol can rob you of a feeling of community you may have had in the past. Alcohol and drugs were your first priority and other positive activities were probably neglected. A stay in a residential treatment program helps clients feel like they are contributing to a community again. Often clients help out by cleaning, cooking, or gardening in order to contribute to the good of the facility and other clients. This gives you back a sense of purpose which is important during recovery.

One on one intensive counseling is one of the most important aspects of a residential treatment program. You need to talk through your feelings in order to work through recovery. Counselors can help you understand why you developed a substance use disorder. You may need to make big changes in your life and a counselor will help you decide what you should keep in your life and what needs to go. Long-standing relationships with friends and family members may need to be removed in order to stay sober. These types of decisions can be scary and you will need to work through them with a trained professional in order to remain sober.

Studies have shown that the longer a person remains in treatment, the greater their chances are of lifelong recovery. Alcohol and drug use has probably already taken a big chunk of your life and you may be anxious to resume normal living. However, in order to live your best life and prevent relapse, you need to take some time to only focus on your recovery. The time you spend sole focusing on sobriety, in the beginning, will make a huge difference down the road.

Like other diseases, drug and alcohol addiction can be a deadly illness. The treatment for substance abuse disorders needs to be intensive and include tools that have been shown to help prevent relapse. The consequences of the continued use of drugs and alcohol are severe and, like cancer, can be deadly. A residential treatment program is intense but necessary in order to achieve lifelong sobriety.

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