Navigating Detox Facilities in Miami – Which One Is Right For Me?

After you or a loved one makes the decision to go into treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, the next step is to find the right one for you. Fortunately, there are many reputable addiction treatment centers in Miami. Considering what a drug detox facility has to offer can help you to choose the right one.


Features of Detox Facilities in Miami

Many addiction treatment centers have more than one treatment program. You could go with one that provides residential treatment, so you could have assistance and care 24 hours a day. Or, you could go with an addiction treatment center offering outpatient services. Some addiction treatment centers provide clients with both options. Contacting an addiction treatment center to talk with an addiction counselor can help you determine which is the best type of treatment program for you.

Look at the environment surrounding an addiction treatment center. Some centers are located near bustling cities in Miami while others are situated near the ocean. The surroundings can add a healing element to your time at an addiction treatment center. Many centers incorporate the environment into their treatment program.

The use of Suboxone during detox is another feature of many addiction treatment centers in Miami. Suboxone is an FDA approved drug designed to lessen the effects that come along with detoxing from drugs. Suboxone can reduce the sweating, nausea, vomiting and general feeling of sickness a person experiences when detoxing. Many people hesitate to go to addiction treatment because they don’t want to experience the symptoms of withdrawal during detox. For some people, knowing that an addiction treatment center uses Suboxone during detox can be the difference between going to treatment or continuing an addiction to drugs.

An individual treatment plan and dual-diagnosis are two other features of many Miami addiction treatment centers. When you enter a treatment center you are evaluated. The best approach is to address your specific struggles in the treatment plan. The owners of a reputable addiction treatment center understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all plan of treatment for every person who walks in the door. Also, the possibility of a dual-diagnosis must be built into the treatment plan. If someone is suffering from an addiction to drugs as well as bi-polar disorder, depression or anxiety, then both need to be addressed while the person is in treatment in order to find lasting recovery.

Many Miami addiction treatment centers provide you with a variety of therapy options. There is the traditional one-on-one therapy as well as group therapy. These are effective and continue to be used in most addiction treatment programs in Miami. Some facilities have less traditional therapy options such as music or art therapy. If you express yourself with music or another form of art, this option is likely to influence your decision of where you seek treatment.

Other types of therapies:

  • Equine therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Family therapy


What to Look for in a Detox Facility

Along with the specific features of a detox facility, there are a few must-haves to look for. One is a team of qualified addiction specialists. These professionals are capable of making a complete evaluation and creating an individual treatment program for you. If you need a dual-diagnosis, then the addiction specialists will be able to evaluate you for that. In addition to making an individual treatment program, professional addiction specialists know when to adjust the treatment plan to better serve you as you move toward full recovery from addiction.

Look for an addiction treatment center that accepts several types of health insurance. This makes it more likely that your health insurance will be on the list. Ideally, you want to move through the health insurance acceptance part of the process, so you can start on the road to healing.

Opt for a treatment center that believes in treating you as a whole person instead of just addressing your addiction. This type of treatment center provides balanced, nutritious meals to you in order to build your physical strength as you recover. Also, this type of treatment center has a recreation and exercise area where you can walk, jog, lift weights and visit with other clients there. It’s important to improve your physical health while moving toward conquering your addiction. Increased physical well-being contributes to your efforts to overcome your addiction.

A reputable addiction treatment center has testimonials from former clients. Looking through these testimonials can be very helpful in finding the detox center that’s best for you. Hearing the stories of people who have dealt with the same challenges you are dealing with can give you encouragement and persuade you that a particular treatment center is the one that can help you. Most importantly, it’s inspiring to hear the stories of people who have dealt with powerful addictions to drugs and alcohol and who have conquered them with the help of professionals. Some client testimonials are written while others are in the form of a video. Either way, they are worth checking out.


How to Prepare to Go into Addiction Treatment

Once you find the right addiction treatment center for you, it’s time to prepare to go there. Your suitcase should include comfortable clothing, toiletries, your insurance cards, any medication you take and your identification card. You will be told what other specific items to bring by the addiction counselor you speak to on the phone.

If you have an apartment or home, ask a friend or family member to watch over your property while you’re away. Take as little time as possible in arranging your affairs before leaving. Once you make the decision to go to an addiction treatment center, it’s best to leave right away to get your journey back to sobriety underway.

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