How Long Is a Drug Detox Program (And Do I Have To Sleep There?)

You have taken a major step forward in your life. You have come to terms with the fact that you have a problem with addiction. You can see how your life is spiraling out of your control because substance abuse has taken over everything that matters. You can’t focus on anything that is important, like your family or your job, because you are consumed with the source of your addiction. You can see what direction you are going if something doesn’t change. Your health is going to be in trouble. You could be looking at major consequences. You need to get the support that is offered by medical professionals to overcome this challenge in your life. A drug detox program is the first step, but you are filled with questions and doubts. You don’t know how this is going to work for you.

How Long is a Typical Drug Detox Program?

Detox is the first phase of treatment for most addictions. This is the initial period of treatment when you stop using drugs or alcohol. You can expect your program period to be unique in your situation. It could be as short as three days, but it could take up to two weeks. You need to understand that the length of time for detox depends on the source of your addiction. This initial phase of treatment will have an effect on the length of your entire recovery process, but it is essential. You can move forward to sober living if you don’t cut yourself off from substance abuse. In order to be successful in detox, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. Doing detoxification on your own is more likely to set yourself up for failure.

Do You Need to Stay at a Facility During Drug Detox?

While there are outpatient programs for detox that involve taking medications in order to help you through the process, it is safer and more effective to receive inpatient care through this crucial phase of treatment. If you want to overcome your addiction, you need to be successful with detox. You cannot free yourself from substance abuse if you continue to use it, no matter how low the dose is. Some drugs and alcohol can cause withdrawal symptoms that are extremely dangerous. It is advised that you have medical supervision while you are undergoing your detoxification program. Staying in a facility will give you the round the clock care you need to overcome withdrawal and deal with your cravings as the toxins are fully eliminated from your body.

Inpatient Care is Your Best Chance for Addiction Recovery

Your drug detox program is only the first step in overcoming addiction. Once you have detoxified your system, the true work of your recovery program begins. This is the stage when you will counseling services and be involved in therapy sessions. You can expect individual sessions with a therapist as you work through your addiction, how it began, what triggers your substance abuse, and what you can do to take a healthier path in life when you leave your program. You will also attend group sessions to remind you that you are not an island. Others are going through the same battle that you are. You can help each other on this journey. If you need assistance with mental health, you will have services provided for you. If your substance abuse has affected your health, you will receive the medical care you need in order to be well again. You can also expect training for work, skills, and education to ease your way when you leave the program. Another crucial part of your therapy will be training that will help you to avoid a relapse when you are on your own again.

You Need to Concentrate on Taking Care of Yourself

The idea of walking away from everything in life while you have drug detox and rehabilitation can be overwhelming. You don’t know how you can afford to be away from work. You are afraid your life is going to fall apart, but it already is crumbling when you are standing on the shaky foundation of addiction. If you want hope for a better future, you need to take control of your addiction. Entering an addiction recovery program for inpatient care will give you the environment, staff, care, and time that you need in order to make this work. Addiction is a problem that is too big for you to try and tackle it by yourself. When you enter your addiction recovery program to begin your detox, you will be leaving all of your distractions and the pressure of daily living behind you so that you can concentrate on getting well. Life will be waiting for you when you leave your program.

Embrace the Process of Recovery

It’s time to open yourself up to the possibilities that are coming your way when you seek help for addiction. Begin by coming in to your addiction recovery facility for your initial assessment. At this point, your addiction recovery professionals will have a baseline to understand your addiction and your current health. Your health history will play a role in developing your treatment plan as well. Your detoxification program will be the next step, followed by treatment for your addiction. Your length of stay will depend on the drug you have been using and how you respond to treatment. One to three months is typical for an addiction recovery program. It may seem like a long time, but it is worth a long life of sober living.

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