Just Believe Recovery Miami Drug Rehab

Miami Drug Rehab Center Delivering Personalized Addiction Treatment For Yourself Or A Loved One.

Welcome to Just Believe Recovery Center where we deliver client-centered addiction treatment. Each individual who seeks out our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab facilities has different needs, and along with those needs, different addiction causes. Our job is to make sure all of those needs are handled with a personalized treatment plan that confronts the causes of addiction, which in return will lead individuals to a long-term recovery.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Miami Drug Rehab Center

1. Personalized Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Each individual is treated off THEIR needs. Each client will receive a comprehensive evaluation from our licensed and experienced addiction counselors. This will help us to identify the root causes of addiction and create a treatment plan that’s unique to them. Each client is monitored by our specialists 24/7. We make sure each client’s needs are fulfilled while staying in our residential facility located near one of Miami’s beautiful beaches.

2. Family Integrated Treatment Approach

When addiction is present, it can cause family relationships, that were once strong, to become distant. Families are often confused on why the individual is putting drugs or alcohol ahead of their relationship. This is why we include family integrated treatments where the entire family can become part of the recovery process. We offer full support during this time for family and friends and encourage them to offer full support. This helps nurture them into recovery with a strong support system they can trust, while also building back the foundation of their relationship previous to the addiction.

3. A Complete Continuum of Care

From beginning to end, we offer a full range of treatment programs based off the current stage of addiction. Our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatment programs begin with a full detoxification where each client can safely rid the substance from their body. From there, each client will be evaluated to make sure they are stabilized to continue on to our residential treatment center. At this stage, each client will have their own therapist that they can go to with all their needs. This same therapist will work with the individual to make sure they’re receiving the right treatment that’s identifying triggers and educating them on how to cope with daily interactions. During residential treatment and/or after, transitional living will be recommended. This is where each client can live in a facility that’s constantly being monitored by addiction professionals, while beginning to engage with the outside environment. Taking those coping mechanisms acquired, and using them on a day to day basis where questions can still be asked.