Insurance Companies Stopping Coverage of Specific Opioid Prescriptions

Human beings are complex, fascinating organisms. Basic human nature shows us that we are creatures of survival. We adapt to the times as the times are a changin, like Bobby Z sang. Yet like it or not, the world continues to spin at its own pace regardless of our adaption to it. To survive we have to learn defense and offense. We have to offend and defend. We must know the difference between fight and flight as we pick our battles throughout life wisely.   

That all being said, what do we do when you can’t run and you can’t fight fire with fire anymore? Such is kind of the case with addiction matters. Alcoholism is a disease that has to be approached a little more precariously than most things in life require. Yet with every problem there in usually lies a solution, and such is still the case with alcoholism, just sometimes it’s a matter of looking high and low.

There is currently a ghastly opioid epidemic that is sweeping across America taking thousands of innocent lives prematurely every year(only getting worse with time). Most opioid prescriptions like Oxycontin or Oxycodone have become household names, but not friendly ones to remain accustomed to. These little silent opiate based killers are responsible for a chemical plague that is causing more pain than they’re marketed to alleviate. With death lurking in shadows for every active addict and alcoholic, it’s time that somebody did that something to put an end to all this fatal prescription malarkey. The DEA and FDA can only limit so many laws. So just when things are looking bleak, in comes the insurance companies stopping coverage of specific opioid prescriptions. Yay.  

A Look Into the Opioid Prescription Epidemic

The drug epidemic in the United States is an ever growing problem that shows no sight of decreasing speed anytime soon. The “war on drugs”, as it’s been so infamously called throughout the years, has been classified as a joke by many political figures in the headlines. In many instances with illegal narcotics, it has been proven that the same figures stopping the product from U.S. grounds are the same ones bringing it in. It’s one of the most prevalent examples of political theater- but we won’t get into that today.

Opioid prescriptions are the golden ticket to death. Luckily multiple United States agencies, corporate pharmacies, and now the insurance companies are finally becoming savy to the overdose death toll rising from specific opioid prescriptions. Some of the specific opioid prescriptions causing such fatal disturbances include:

  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Fentanyl
  • Carfentanil

Agencies like the DEA and FDA have pushed for insurance companies to take part in the much awaited changed needed to save the addicts of America; now becoming just your everyday people of America.

Letters from multiple states have been written to a number of private insurers explaining, “The status quo, in which there may be financial incentives to prescribe opioids for pain which they are ill-suited to treat, is unacceptable,” the letter said. “We ask that you quickly initiate additional efforts so that you can play an important role in stopping further deaths.” The signatories include the attorneys general of California, Miami, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan.3

Oxy-Cleaning the Opioid Prescriptions From Your Life

Little moves are being made slowly as progress is being made little by little. Dirty doctors and certain medical establishments have been raided and shut down(helping reduce the amount of unnecessary prescriptions being written out). On top of that, the DEA has passed laws each year since 2017 to further reduce the amount of painkillers being produced. It clearly hasn’t stopped the terrifying numbers of overdoses accumulating, but with the synergy of the insurance companies stopping coverage of specific opioid prescriptions, it does provide a little glimmer of hope.

When the time for change comes, hopefully it ignites more to follow suit. Then again, I think we are all scratching our heads wondering when that time will come. As of now, a handful of insurance companies have already pledged that they will ultimately be eliminating all Oxycontin prescriptions by 2019 and 2020. Although Oxycontin isn’t the only destructor in this equation, it is a major force that reduced distribution of will help to slow down the plague. Next up is Fentanyl and Carfentanil. These are the main two being cut into heroin with a potency that will kill even the most professional of opioid addicts. Stopping coverage has become a necessity at this point.   

Insurance Companies Stopping Condoning of Death    

With the pharmaceutical epidemic turning individuals blue left and right, the pharmaceutical companies responsible for manufacturing the drugs seem to show no sympathy as their eyes turn into Porky Pig dollar signs. Unfortunately though in a world that is ran by money, there’s not much control that we the suffering have over it except for avoidance and prevention..

Many states have plans to replace some of the stronger narcotics like Oxycontin prescriptions with another less abusive opioid prescription in the long run. So along with that and the new pharmaceutical blockades imposed for the future, things are looking better but are still not at their potential best. Wherever there is a demand there is a supply, and whenever there’s a will there’s a way. Alcoholism will find a way around the insurance companies stopping coverage of their specific opioid prescriptions. Opioid abuse won’t stop from just a few policy changes or new laws created, but we are taking some stops in the right direction as a country.