What Happens During a Typical Day In a Miami Drug Rehab Center?

You have committed to rehab, and your life is about to change forever. You are going to rehab for the first time. You are overwhelmed with emotions, and you are not sure what is waiting for you on the other side. Rest assured, your Miami drug rehab center has made everything as comfortable for you as possible. They want you to get better. Rehabilitation is a place where you will end your unhealthy habits and replace them with new and healthier ones.

First, know that everyone inside this facility is in the same position as you. They are trying to get help from their drug or alcohol problem. Each rehabilitation program is different, but they all follow the same protocol. Do not think of this as a vacation as it is often difficult to deal with the issues that led you to become an addict in the first place.

You may cry, feel intense emotions and confront demons you have left buried. Processing is significant for your recovery, and it is something that all addicts must do. Do not let the anxiety get the best of you, here is what you can expect in rehab.

Drug Rehab will be a Safe and Peaceful Environment

The atmosphere is something that all rehab centers take seriously. They want you to feel that the environment is peaceful and supportive. An addict needs support more than ever during this transitional phase. They want you to focus on relaxing and recovering. Many centers try to locate the facilities near scenic places. Getting in touch with nature, and fresh air is often helpful in the recovery process. Miami rehab centers located near the beach adds an element of therapeutic benefits too.

Waking Up Bright and Early

Mornings start early in rehab. You do not get to sleep in till 11 am, instead they usually start the day by 7 or 8 am. Breakfast is the best way to start your day, and there may be yoga or other meditation classes to help you wake up. After breakfast is complete, group sessions are the typical class format. In these classes, you will cover things like the 12-step process and other pertinent topics.

Emptying Your Emotional Baggage In Groups

Group sessions last until around lunchtime. After lunch, most Miami rehab centers schedule you for private meetings. The real work is done in these intimate settings. You will work with a professional counselor that will target your individual needs. Though it is hard to talk about all your faults and failures, it is imperative for the recovery journey.

Taking Time Out to Process

Trying to recover from addiction often leaves you emotionally raw. You must not only deal with the reasons why you started using in the first place, but you must also deal with the aftermath of the problems that the addiction caused. The reason for the private meetings is that you can share things that you typically would not with a group. Your counselor will teach you valuable coping skills to help you heal.

In the afternoon, free time is usually acceptable. There are scheduled activities, or you can read a book in your room. Many use this time to meditate or write in their journal. A nap is also acceptable. Your afternoon free time is your time to reflect on what you have learned and work on inner strength.

Evening Activities

Dinner is usually between 4 and 6 pm. There may be other group sessions afterward or meetings like AA that you can attend. You are not required to share at any of these meetings unless you want too. However, it is encouraged that you open yourself to peers and share your story. You will find strength in knowing that you are not alone, and others will draw inspiration from your words. It is quite therapeutic, which is why groups work so well.

Policies on Phone Calls and Visitors

There are usually strict policies on visitors in a Miami rehab center. Cell phone use is typically discouraged, and public phones allow you to communicate with your family during your free periods. Before going to the center, ask about their cell phone policy and know what to expect about calls.

Visitation is another rather strict occurrence. Usually, visitation is reserved for weekends or during the evening hours. Often, the center will plan outings on Saturday or Sunday for those who do not have visitors. Depending on the location the activities may vary. However, it is an excellent source of therapy to mingle with others walking the same path as you.

Developing New Healthy Habits

Miami rehab centers will expect you to go to bed at a decent hour. You must be well rested for the busy day ahead. Remember, the new schedule will take some getting used too. You are probably accustomed to being up all night and sleeping all day. Doing a 180-degree turn like that will not be easy.

The center has your best interests at heart. They want you to develop new habits that are healthy. Most drug users party all night and that is something that you will have to change. To be a working member of society, you will need to get up early to have a stable job, in most cases. Your new life will be brighter and have a purpose, but it will take some time to get to that point. You will need to confront the drug addiction that has kept you down head on. It will not be easy nor will it be fun, but it will be worth it all.

Are you ready to get started on your path to sobriety? Call us today at (866) 840-6411. Our trained staff will answer any questions you may have. Many of the Miami rehab counselors were once people like you. They know exactly where you are and the road that is before you. When you are ready to make a change, and you need help, give us a call.