Do Recovery Centers Charge Extra For Detox?

People who have never struggled with addiction do not understand how difficult and devastating it can be. They say, “Just stop,” or “Get into a rehab program,” and think it is that simple. Perhaps comparing substance abuse to other types of addiction, such as addiction to sweets, gambling, or fitness can help to gain perspective. Addiction consumes a person. Victims can’t simply walk away without facing overwhelming cravings, temptation, negative influences, old habits that die hard, and withdrawal symptoms. It’s a problem that requires intervention from professionals who have an in-depth understanding of what it takes for successful addiction recovery. One thing that medical experts will agree upon is detox is the initial phase in the process of overcoming substance abuse. If you are considering addiction recovery, you are sure to have a long list of questions. The cost of treatment is one of the biggest concerns for anyone who is facing addiction.

Do Recovery Centers Charge Extra for Detox?

When considering the cost of addiction recovery and detox, costs vary according to the facility, what is included in the program, and if the treatment is an outpatient or inpatient program. Many addiction rehabilitation facilities include detox as an essential component of their program and do not increase the cost. However, it will cost more for detox if this is taken on in a separate facility before beginning a recovery program. If the entire treatment is in an inpatient facility, costs will be higher than they would be at an outpatient program. It is important to note that there are rehab programs available for individuals with a low income. Some non-profit organizations and state programs may provide treatment that is at low or no cost for clients who meet financial requirements.

There are Financial Options that Can Cover Costs for Rehab

While it is true that addiction recovery programs can be expensive, there are many options available to make costs more manageable. The first step is to begin with insurance coverage. Insurance provided through an employer may offer full or partial coverage for addiction recovery, including detox. Every insurance policy varies in what it covers. There is typically a time limit on what is covered by an insurance plan as well. 21-day and 30-day programs are common. For extended stays, clients are more likely to cover more costs on their own. If insurance is not an option or only includes part of the costs, financing is another option. In some cases, facilities may offer sliding scale fees in which the cost of the program will be adjusted according to the financial means of the client. Grants and publicly funded programs are an additional possibility.

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment Outweigh the Costs

No matter how much it costs to go through detox and addiction recovery, it is worth the lasting effects of freedom from substance abuse. Gaining access to the source of addiction is costly in itself, but it has a ripple effect. Addiction can lead to a higher risk of serious health problems and medical bills. It can lead to the loss of employment which means no income or insurance policy. Worst of all, substance abuse can rob a person of what matters most, like loving relationships, friendships, and life itself.

How Can Addiction Recovery Treatment Make a Difference?

For anyone who has tried to end an addiction alone, it is clear that it is an extremely difficult challenge. Addiction changes a person’s brain. It creates a dependency that is on a chemical level. The neurological system sends messages in a different way throughout the body. The moment the source of addiction is cut off, cravings are hard to overcome. Most victims of addiction will give in to temptation and return to substance abuse. If the environment doesn’t change and easy access is still possible, it creates a barrier to ending addiction. An addiction recovery program creates a supportive atmosphere where victims of substance abuse feel safe while they are given the assistance they need to achieve their goals.

Why is Detox Key in a Successful Recovery?

Detox is the point in the addiction treatment process when victims of substance abuse stop turning to the source of their addiction. As long as they continue to use drugs or alcohol, they cannot break free. A recovery center ensures that clients are provided with medical supervision while they go through symptoms of withdrawal. Cravings and the physical effects cause discomfort, but recovery center staff can help members of their program to make it to the next stage of recovery.

Recovery is a Process

Addiction recovery doesn’t happen overnight or in a day. Successful completion of detox doesn’t mean it is over. Detox cuts off the source of addiction. However, the true work must begin once the initial treatment phase has been completed. True recovery from substance abuse is going to take time and soul searching. It will mean taking a look at a person’s individual circumstances. Why did addiction become a problem in a victim’s life? What are triggers that could make a person fall into the habit of substance abuse again? What are healthy alternatives to drugs or alcohol? Addiction recovery is possible and recovery centers offer many helpful resources. With the proper guidance, recovery from substance abuse is within reach.

Open the Door to the Promise of Life without Addiction

You can say goodbye to addiction. Let us help you to find your way. Call our addiction recovery counselors today at (866) 840-6411. We want to help you to learn more about what detox and addiction recovery programs offer you. We’re here to remind you that you do not have to face this struggle alone any longer. It is possible to have life after addiction. Recognizing that you have a problem with an addiction and need help is a major step forward. Take the rest of the journey. Open the door to a future that is bright when it is free from addiction.