Are Healthcare Companies Adding to the Opioid Epidemic?

Freedom’s only free if it’s free. Its 2018 and we live in a country declared free but apparently under siege. No, it’s not another nation that has attacked us but sabotage of our own doing. We have trodden down the chemical trails to a dead end that has taken its toll on the masses. Overdose is a household word these days…How did we not see this coming? Why did we ignore most of the signs over the last few decades? Why wasn’t there more prevention put into play? It’s a genocide of our own doing. I mean, how many times have you visited the doc for something simple only to have a percocet band-aid prescribed to you without really addressing the issue at hand? For some maybe that was the remedy needed, but more times than not it can be foregone.


Painkillers and opioids will only create more pain in time. Yet if that’s the case, why are they prescribed in the first place? Ahhh, well this is where it get kind of political. Without pointing fingers or stepping on anybody’s toes, let’s just say that the opioid epidemic has grown to such catastrophic proportions due to greed. Many healthcare companies are adding to the opioid epidemic indirectly through their cutbacks received and deals striked with Big Pharma companies. In many instances, money apparently trumps all morals, values, and ethics as the rich get richer by profiting off of the disease of alcoholism. The want/need for more money and more opioids has delivered the world right into a chemical plague that shows no end in sight.


Healthcare Companies Adding Rather Than Subtracting?

The list of painkillers some of us are familiar with, whether legally or not, is quite frightening. The whole world is under global assault from healthcare companies adding to the opioid epidemic, not just the United States. Painkillers flood the streets internationally and there’s really no hiding from it. Just a few of the legal and illegal substances to run rampant include:

  • Vicodin/Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone/Percocet
  • Oxycontin
  • Codeine
  • Fentanyl
  • Morphine
  • Dilaudid
  • Heroin


That is but just a fraction of the things that some medical personnel around the world will attempt to prescribe you in order to “counter” whatever pain it is being felt. Of course heroin isn’t prescribed in normal circumstances, but it’s the bottom of the barrel for those that have fallen victim to healthcare companies adding to the opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, painkillers/opioids have been around now for nearly five centuries give or take and it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere really anytime soon.


Opioids Lobbed by the Lobbyists

The sad truth about the topic to this article is that the truth is often sad. Human beings in pain are taken advantage of on a regular basis- and not necessarily by the doctors scribbling the ink onto the pad. It’s the drones at the top that are manufacturing the opiates,(and benzodiazepines in some cases), while pushing them into pharmacies and doctor’s offices. Addictions are created everyday from seemingly normal people who don’t even think like alcoholics do.There may be no obsession even present in the individual’s mind, but as they begin to take the same substance day in and day out, the body becomes dependent on such. These little pills will take over a person’s mind, body, and soul- leaving them to fend for themselves with a chemical dependency that dictates their every net move and action.


Now mind you not every healthcare company is adding to the opioid epidemic, many are doing the right thing out there. Many primary care physicians and dentistry offices even hurt their businesses by declining opioid prescriptions to some patients, but they do so with moral justice on their side. Agree with it or not, not everybody can do the right thing with money waved in their faces. Some small practices and healthcare companies deserve to be commended for it.


Opioid History Shows Disturbing Patterns

Once upon a time poppy seeds were discovered and various forms of opioids were then experimented with. Opium being chewed or smoked was the most commonly used method of pain relief for quite some time. The effects were noted and this went on for some hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the 16th century that this idea was played out upon. Opium was taken and mixed in an alcoholic solution that when consumed decreased pain even more. It was a form of painkiller at the time referred to as “Laudanum”. This was the beginning of a new era in addiction and for centuries to follow.


The opioid epidemic continued to rise all across the globe as new forms of pain killers were being synthesized throughout the years. The 1800’s went on to bring us both Codeine and Morphine- two potent versions of painkillers used still to this day with the latter being the more detrimental of the pair. By the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, opium and opioid presence could not be muted. Wars were start over the substance and new laws and restrictions were needed to be placed. It was the year of 1905 that “Big Pharma” happened to finally get their hands on the marketing of such pain killers. In 1905, the United States Congress banned opium and opioid products from the United States unless in a labeled bottle approved by the Food and Drug Administration or (FDA). Ironically there were still many more synthesized versions of the drug to show up down the road.


Epidemic Managment  

Really it seems that healthcare companies aren’t necessarily adding to the opioid epidemic but that the world governments have been controlling it all along. Take Methadone for example. Methadone was created to battle heroin addiction. Methadone is a controlled FDA regulated medication that is believed to be more addictive- as well as just as deadly as heroin. Heroin was created to more or less battle morphine addiction, yet at the same time it is proven that heroin is much more potent than morphine. There is an unfortunate pattern here that must end.