Addiction and Abusing ADD/ADHD Medication

Do you ever find yourself here but you’re not really there? Or rather you’re here, there, and everywhere while you still haven’t gone anywhere. The mind is infatuated with curiosity. Down the rabbit hole we go, everything getting more and more curious. Really though its human nature to wander or to wonder as we feel our way through this sometimes dark and menacing world. We’re all looking for the little bits of light that beam throughout, trying to understand our purpose in the ways of the world. Those who aren’t pondering or searching from within are ironically probably the most lost of all. The mind is a luxury that shant be wasted. So some of us get the move on it.     

Though as dive deep into the hustle and bustle of life, some of us become lost in our quest for assimilation. We begin shifting priorities, trying to keep up with the grains of sand falling from life’s hourglass. We tell ourselves GO GO GO. Time to think, time to go places, time to do things. This mentality makes addicts like myself attempt 27 hours worth of activity in a 24 hour day.

However, giving ourselves very little chance for rest, sometimes the body wants to give before the mind does. To combat this we drink coffee, down caffeine pills, and take whatever heart accelerating actions we can to avoid the ZZZs while marching onward. This mindset is usually when the stimulant gateways introduce speed into the picture, derailing everything out of the Kodak frame.  

Not just any speed though. Cocaine, crack, and meth all seem to desperate. Prescription stimulants seem so much friendlier we convince ourselves. Problems with addiction and abusing ADD/ADHD medications like Adderall or Ritalin are often justified because they seem so much safer due to legality. How could they be harmful when they come in a cute tiny pill form that the local friendly neighborhood doc prescribed? Seeing isn’t believing when it comes to addiction matters with pharmaceuticals like these.

ABC, It’s Easy As ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD medications are typically stimulants that are prescribed for mild forms of attention deficit. Both Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are very miniscule ailments that only inhibit a person’s ability to focus when left undiagnosed/untreated. It’s when paired with addictive thinking mostly that it becomes more so a threat.

In a sense of things, addiction is essentially attention deficit of self. We allow the voice of addiction to be the voice of all reason as everything molds into powerlessness and unmanageability. Abusing ADD/ADHD medication starts addiction off very prematurely for many. Often times there is a child in question that starts exhibiting these “bouncing off the walls” traits at a young age that are addressed as focusing issues. To address these focusing issues, the youth is then introduced to underestimated chemicals that later down the road become the powerful catalyst for the alcoholic thinking brewing inside. Again, this isn’t every circumstance, but the case for many.

Many people live their entire lives without ever receiving any such beneficial medications, and they do fine. Many also take the medicine their entire lives, feeling balanced, while never scribbling outside the lines. Of course then there are those that take them early on, becoming predisposed to the chemical world of addiction from a young age. Or even those that begin abusing ADD/ADHD medication without any need for such attention improving curriculum in the first place. These are the individuals that abuse them for the speed factor as they duke it out with Mr. Sandman each night.  

Addiction Deficit Disorder

Just like any combination of narcotics, there comes a toll from addiction and abusing ADD/ADHD medications. Prolonged usage of anything will create a demand. With rising tolerances comes physical and mental obsession; dependence swarms in the background.

Getting hooked on any conglomeration of substances will ultimately lead to one’s downfall, however, the path taken through addiction and abusing ADD/ADHD medication is masked because the drugs themselves are socially acceptable. Do not be fooled. Just like any other illegal for of speed, these uppers will dominate your life. Those who find themselves addicted to these college loving drugs will experience symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Altered Heart Rates

Of course, those are just the short term effects. They don’t even compare to the ruinous state the long term results might leave you in. Those results include but are not limited to seizures, heavy weight loss, mania induced mood changes, and suicidal thoughts.

Addiction Medication

Most don’t realize that addiction has no bounds. The obsession can display itself at anytime in anybody with the right combination of genetics and persuasive external sources. Of course, everybody has a different reaction to abusing ADD/ADHD medication based on factors such as length of usage, their age, or even their height and weight. For some, the side effects or withdrawals may be something to take into consideration.

There will be sets of hot flashes coupled with goose bumped chills. Cold sweats, disorientation and irritability will linger between doses. There may or may not be some nausea for some. For most, their skin will feel really sensitive and bothersome. This will last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, again, depending on certain variables for the individual. That’s just sugar coating it too. The withdrawals are one thing, but some of the short and long term damages will take longer to pass(assuming death isn’t one of them). Some of this may sound dramatic, but in the end, narcotics are narcotics. No it’s not like the opioid epidemic but addiction and abusing ADD/ADHD medication should hold just as much awareness as any other destructive drugs out there. After all, speed does kill.