6 of the World’s Deadliest Substances

A penny isn’t much, but you put 100 pennies together and by golly you’ve got yourself a dollar. One red ant crawling on your leg isn’t a big deal, but standing obliviously on top of a large nest of red ants can be. A few pimples is nothing to chronic acne. The point being is that too much of anything can be detrimental. When it comes to those with alcoholic thinking, too much of anything is what we do. “Excess” is simply a word we just whited out of the dictionary.

The toll that drugs take on us does build up over time though. Sure a few times here and there shouldn’t be that bad, or so we convince ourselves, but addicts never do something just a few times. This is part of the nature of the disease. Until recovery is found, we are always looking for more. More jails, more institutions, and more death. With such an array of chemicals flooding the streets, the odds are even more against us. The world’s deadliest substances may show up in many forms, but they all deliver the same misery if given the chance.


Alcohol is a drug. Period. It is also absolutely one of our planet’s most dangerous drugs hands down. You can purchase alcohol anywhere in the world(with varying ages of consent)). It’s in gas stations, restaurants, sports events, bars, liquor stores, hotels; etc. Everywhere essentially. Alcohol can cause a person to lose total control of their mind and body. This is not only very dangerous when abused, but alas, also very deadly.

It’s threatening ways are in due to the way the beverage inhibits those motor skills and functions. This legal drug is responsible for incidental death everyday. To top that off, imbibing too much of this poison can easily destroy your insides; particularly concerning your liver, kidneys, and brain. Eventually organs begin shutting down and the body withers away with it. Sadly, too much of this over time and death can become inviting.


Nicotine and its plethora of forms are one of the deadliest substances out there. Wait, even cigarettes are a drug? Technically they’re not a narcotic, but they are a mood altering substance. The whole world justifies this one regardless of what studies have come to light over the last 50+ years.

Nicotine can be very deadly as well as one of the most addictive things in the the whole wide world. Cigarettes particularly can and will indefinitely cause heart and lung damage, yet everybody continues to inhale the toxic fumes. Camel and Marlboro stack that evidence up to the roof. Problems up to bat are things like heart disease, lung cancer, or even aneurysms. To what cost is that worth it?  

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine

There are tons of different ways for people to numb themselves. Escapisms are an art form that many addicts take very seriously. Bringing the coca plant into the mix and we’ve find our artists creating the powdery substance known as cocaine. Tweaking that recipe a little bit and we find ourselves with the rocked creation of crack cocaine.

Either way, hard or soft, we find ourselves with a recipe for ruin. These are both stimulants that have been at the top of the world’s deadliest substances list since the 80s, making the Reagans very proud. Cocaine is a wonderful drug du jour if you prefer heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, or brain damage. Most people don’t, but with alcoholic thinking, we find ourselves constantly taking that risk for a short lived high.


Then we turn the page to find ourselves dealing with opiates/opioids. These dreaded poppy seed derivatives are abused in all sorts of forms. There are too many destructive versions of opiates/opioids out there to discuss each one separately. Some are distributed by medically licensed physicians in a very unfortunate but legal manners, while other versions find themselves being smuggled into certain countries. Just a few of the opiates/opioids considered to be in category of the world’s deadliest substances includes:

  • Fentanyl
  • Carfentanil
  • Heroin
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Oxycontin

Those are just some of the star players, but the list goes much further than that. Opiates/opioids are abused and have caused an epidemic of mass proportions in the United States. Overdose, cardiac arrest, and respiratory failure are often attached when abusing any of these. Too much premature death and not enough awareness.


Down to the penultimate drug of our 6: crystal meth- or some know it as ice, tweak, shards; it really doesn’t matter what you call it. In the end it’s all just different bathtub cocktails of who knows what. Methamphetamines are cheap stimulants that are sadly prominent all over the world. As random blend of toxic chemicals, being one of the world’s deadliest substances is no question.

They are prone to causing heart attacks, strokes, or organ failure. If none of those occur, most methamphetamine addicts find themselves in and out of bouts of psychosis or not sleeping for days. Often times both are related. Mess with this one too long and the shadow people will crawl out of the depths to snatch you up.  

Bath Salts

Last on our list of the world’s deadliest substances is bath salts. No these are not scented crystals that you pour into your bubble bath before you soak away the day’s stresses. These are crystalline rock like chemicals that are ingested to produce intensely prominent hallucinations. Said hallucinations can also be tied to heart attacks and strokes. Along with loss of appetite, sleep, and rational behavior, bath salts is a substance that is ready to strip you of all your humanity. Avoiding these drugs at all addictive costs is the only way to make it out alive. With recovery on your side, eventually the alcoholic perils of the aforementioned substances will get easier to steer clear of.